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September 22, 2012

#screenshotsaturday #1 for Into the New World

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The explorer sets foot in the New World

Yes, it is an early Fall… Code not fully in to have Fall descend gradually. Next week!

October 23, 2011

New version of Into the New World available…

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Well, that took longer than expected!  I spent an extra week and then some polishing and adding features.  It also actually feels like a game now, in that it has a beginning and end (in death or return to Europe).  It has rudimentary discovery of points of interest, trading, and combat.  It is lacking quite a bit (captains, building, Europe for the most part, etc.) but it’s a definite step towards what I originally imagined for this game.  Also note that the combat window is a bit… bare bones… and I really, really need to put tooltips everywhere.  Also don’t take all of the Natives’ food — I haven’t put in code to protect against that (but will soon).

Get the latest version here.

The explorer encounters a city upon disembarking

October 12, 2011

Columbus Day again…

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Well, it’s been a year since I “announced” my game, “Into the New World.”  I didn’t work very much on it for much of the intervening year except for design and some base class work but the last two months I’ve really started to buckle down on it.  In a few hours I hope to release what can best be described as an alpha — giving a feel for the flow of the game at least.  Anyhow, back to coding…

September 23, 2011

Into the New World Trade Window upload…

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I’ve uploaded the first pass (mechanically) of the most important interface in Into the New World — the trade window.  Note that it will eventually look a lot prettier but the idea is to get some testing on the mechanics before setting out on getting it to look nice.

Trade window test for Into the New World

The expedition trades with some Aztecs

August 29, 2011

New version available to download

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A new version of “Into the New World” (though it is still called “Passage to the Indies” all over the place, I’ll correct that soon) is available.  It features new art, an animated boat, and cities that spawn Natives that chase (but do little else) a certain distance.  Lots and lots I need to do but it has been a while since the last drop (due to vacation, illness, and back-to-school for the kids) and I really wanted to get some feedback on the art so I figured that I’d go ahead and release what I have.  Note that I’m not happy with the boat or city graphics at all — those will change soon.

Updated “Into the New World”

The explorer stumbles upon some Natives

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