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July 18, 2014

2003 in Pictures, pt. 1

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The first half of 2003 was busy — not only with Little Gym, birthdays (Genetta’s sixth at a place at South Hills Mall), and visits with family but also a trip to the North Carolina mountains for Spring Break and a trip to the Children’s Museum in Greensboro.

Addison enjoying parachute play at the Little Gym

Genetta and Addison playing at Little Gym

The family making cookies -- not sure I'd trust them based on Addison's wicked grin!

On Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

In front of the Mile High Bridge on Grandfather Mountain

Alpine terrain atop Grandfather Mountain

The kids on a Grandfather Mountain trail

Pretty view from Grandfather Mountain

Another view from Grandfather Mountain

Linville Falls, North Carolina

Narrow rapids at Linville Falls

Addison goofing off near the entrance to Linville Caverns

Genetta at Linville Caverns

Near Linville Caverns, North Carolina

Their teeth get better with age, honest!

Easter fun!

Addison playing during Genetta's sixth birthday party

Genetta with painted face and hands

Genetta blowing out the candles on her sixth birthday cake

Opening presents at her birthday party

Conner and Addison playing at the Greensboro Childrens' Museum

Too soon to have him driving!

Addison, Conner, Genetta, and Darby at the GSO Childrens' Museum

Genetta holding up her first camera

Adrianne, don't trust Addison with a bat!

Sue and Don on their backyard swing

The Amoses with Darby and Genetta celebrating Easter

Greg, Brian, and the kids at mom and dad Young

Addison petting Greg's dogs

Greg, the kids, and the doggies!

Genetta with her doll and Addison with "Monkey" (yeah, that is his name)

Genetta speaks loudly and carries a big stick

Michelle on the parents Young's dock

Addison and Monkey

Genetta gingerly stepping on the oyster shells

Armed and ready!

Love this shot, wish I had zoomed in a bit more

Genetta at Little Gym

Addison at Little Gym

What is up with Addison's expression?!

Genetta at her ballet recital

July 15, 2014

2002 in Pictures, pt. 2

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The latter half of 2002 featured a trip to the zoo in July, trips to the parents Young, and Genetta’s first day of school.  Come holiday season we had pumpkin carving, cute costumes, celebrating with the Youngs, Amoses, and Leinbachs, and a visit with Santa Claus after an early December ice storm.

Addison on a sculpture at the North Carolina Zoo in July

Seals at the North Carolina Zoo

Cool cacti outside the Sonora Desert building at the zoo

Genetta at the zoo

Michelle at the NC Zoo taking a much needed break

Kids enjoying a puddle at the parents Young

Parents Young and Michelle in Sneads Ferry

Genetta and Addison enjoying the puddle

Brian caught in a half nap!

Addison on the Sit and Spin

Genetta posing at the bus stop on the first day of Kindergarten

Genetta and Addison at the bus stop

Genetta boarding the bus on the first day of Kindergarten

Princess Genetta and Addison

Conner (enthralled by a toy) and Addison

Addison and Genetta at the Carousel Festival in Burlington, NC

Youngs at the Carousel Festival taking a break

Addison's Halloween costume

Genetta's Halloween costume

Genetta on the climbing wall in our yard

Ick, slimy pumpkin guts!

Addison's painted pumpkin

Kids all lined up in their Halloween costumes

Kids taking a nap

Genetta in her winter garb

Ice from the December 6, 2002 storm

The girls in Christmas dress and... Batman Beyond

Genetta the yellow-nosed reindeer...

Michelle, Brian, Greg, and Holly, Christmas 2002

Addison the dragon rider

Mom and dad Young, Christmas 2002

Addison getting a piggy-back ride

Kids visiting Santa Claus

Celebrating Christmas at the Leinbach's

Addison on his third birthday

Addison blowing the candle out on his Superman cake

October 22, 2013

2002 in Pictures, pt. 1

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2002 opened with a bang weather-wise, with about a foot of snow on January 2nd and 3rd.  Not as big as two years earlier when we had nearly two feet, but still a great snow.  We had a couple of Easter egg hunts, one at the Cary YMCA and another at the Amos’ as well as a visit by the grandparents Young.  Genetta celebrated her fifth birthday at Bullwinkles.  Also in the spring we visited the NC Aquarium and the grandparents Young, who were being visited by grandpa Young’s dad.  Genetta had a ballet recital in June.

Genetta playing in her room

Foot of snow on the back deck of our house

Picture of the front yard during the snow, note that it was a wet snow, sticking to the sides of the trees

You know it is a good snow when you can't see the stair treads

Genetta making a snow angel

Dad and Genetta sledding

Our snow man in front of our house

The kids all dressed up and being cute

Genetta at Little Gym

Addison hiding in the doll cabinet

Genetta doing her best Sleeping Beauty

Addison sitting next to his Pooh suitcase

Winter view of our backyard and the lake beyond

Addison at the Cary YMCA Easter egg hunt

Genetta at the Cary YMCA Easter egg hunt

Easter group photo at the Amos'

Addison as the Caped Crusader!

Genetta at her fifth birthday at Bullwinkles

Genetta in front of the NC Aquarium

Genetta, Addison, and scaly friend at the NC Aquarium

Group photo of the Youngs in Sneads Ferry

Another group photo of the Youngs at Sneads Ferry

Addison on his trike

Grandma Amos helping Genetta with makeup for her ballet recital

Our little ballerina Genetta

October 17, 2013

2001 in Pictures, pt. 2

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The second half of 2001 had some interesting and fun moments.  In June the family went to Myrtle Beach with the Leinbachs and the Amoses.  In July the grandparents Young moved from Connecticut to Sneads Ferry.  In addition to visiting their new house, we took a trip to Charlotte and saw both Kings Mountain NHP and the North Carolina Renaissance Faire.  The kids went to the Leinbach’s for Halloween and we also enjoyed playing in the leaves.  The year finished up with Christmas and Addison’s second birthday.

Rainbow at Myrtle Beach

Darby, Genetta, Conner, and Addison at the 10th floor unit at Myrtle Beach

Addison hanging out at a Myrtle Beach park

View of Myrtle Beach from the unit

A pooped Genetta and Addison in the unit at Myrtle Beach

View of the point behind the Grandparents Young's house

Addison asleep in his car seat

Beautiful scenery at Topsail Beach

Addison using a doll's bed as a boat

The kids enjoying lollipops

Mom and the kids enjoying the gorgeous fall colors at Kings Mountain NHP, South Carolina

Face paint at the North Carolina Renaissance Faire

Genetta riding a camel at the NC faire

Jousting at the North Carolina Renaissance Faire

Addison hamming it up at the Cary YMCA

Having fun with raking leaves

Addison watching dad rake leaves

Kids playing in the leaves

More leaf fun

Genetta as a princess for Halloween

Grandpa Amos "clowning" around with Addison

Addison, Conner, Darby, and Genetta dressed up for Halloween

Kids sitting in front of Christmas presents

Genetta and Addison dressed up for bed on Christmas eve

Addison hamming it up on his second birthday

October 15, 2013

2001 in Pictures, pt. 1

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In early 2001 we were already living in Lochmere and the kids were one and four.  Genetta’s fourth birthday party was held at the Cary YMCA pool and Easter was celebrated at the Amos’ in Graham with Greg and Holly visiting as well.  There was a visit to Greg and Holly’s in Greensboro (Mimosa Drive at the time, I think) with my parents as well as a trip to the RDU airport with Grandpa and Grandma Young.  A spring-time visit to the NC Zoo and some to the Chad and Adrianne’s in Chatham County as well.

Addison eating a popsicle

Genetta eating a popsicle

Addison in a tiny chair in our living room

Genetta at her fourth birthday party at the Cary YMCA

Michelle at Genetta's fourth birthday party

Genetta wearing a mermaid costume in our living room

Greg and Holly visiting the Amos' for Easter

Genetta opening her Easter gift at the Amos'

Genetta in her Easter dress at the Amos'

Genetta celebrating her fourth birthday with cupcakes at preschool

Addison at Greg and Holly's in Greensboro

Grandma Young at Greg and Holly's

Genetta at the park on Mimosa Drive, Greensboro

Grandma Young and Addison at a park in Greensboro

Grandma Young, Addison, and Genetta on Greg and Holly's porch, Greensboro

Grandpa Young and Greg at Greg and Holly's

Greg, Brian, and Addison in Greensboro

Grandpa Young and Addison at Greg and Holly's

Michelle, Grandpa Amos, and Grandma Amos at the Leinbach's

Addison at the Leinbach's

Genetta at the Leinbach's

Addison and Grandpa Amos at the Leinbach's

Genetta, Darby, and Conner playing on the Leinbach's porch

Michelle and the kids during a spring trip to the North Carolina Zoo

Genetta and mom at the zoo

Genetta playing at RDU's observation park

Grandma and Grandpa Young with Addison at the RDU observation park

View down our driveway with long gone Bradford Pear

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